Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Pheromones impact fake behaviour in beetles: Study – World News Network

Predation is a driving force in the evolution of anti-predator defences, and death faking, or immobility in reaction to dangers is a widespread defensive strategy shared by many animal species.

Pharmacists can help to increase access to life-saving vacciness: Study – World News Network

Researchers discovered that using an electronic questionnaire at the time of appointment booking for seasonal influenza or COVID-19 immunisations is a rapid and effective way to identify people in Ontario who are willing to get additional life-saving vaccines.

Genome research reveals 30 years of Darwin’s finch evolution – World News Network

A ground-breaking investigation on the most recent evolutionary change in natural populations has been published by an international team of academics. Nearly 4,000 Darwin's finches make up one of the largest genomic datasets yet created for animals living in their natural habitat, which is used in this work. The study has identified the genetic underpinnings of adaption in this famous population. The journal Science has published the findings.

Study finds how medication affect men, women differently – World News Network

Researchers have created a powerful new tool to better understand how medications affect men and women differently, which will help lead to safer, more effective drugs in the future.

Researchers find how breastfeeding is linked to lower levels of body fat – World News Network

New research has connected newborn formula and the early introduction of fizzy drinks to higher levels of body fat later in childhood.

Connection between food insecurity, rate of severe hypoglycaemia in adults with diabetes: Study – World News Network

According to new research, severe hypoglycemia is more than twice as likely among persons with diabetes who struggle to purchase meals.

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