Wednesday, April 10, 2024

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Study finds hospital mortality from respiratory disorders is linked to ambient temperature – World News Network

Climate change-induced global warming may increase the burden of inpatient mortality from respiratory disorders throughout the warm season.

Contraceptive pills may affect fear-regulating brain areas in women – World News Network

Oral contraceptives are used by more than 150 million women globally. The most prevalent variety is combined OCs (COCs), which are comprised of synthetic hormones. Sex hormones have been shown to influence the brain network involved in fear processing.

Study finds bacterium’s protective role in chronic rhinosinusitis – World News Network

CRS is an inflammatory disease that lasts at least 12 weeks and can cause nasal congestion, nasal discharge, difficulty breathing through the nose, face pain, and even loss of sense of smell.

Researchers develop new hydrogels for wound management – World News Network

Open wounds, whether from an accident or a medical procedure such as surgery, require proper management to expedite healing and prevent infection. While sutures and staples are typical techniques of wound closure, they can induce secondary tissue injuries, potentially leaking fluids and gases and necessitating anaesthetics.

Women stroke survivors believe they are less likely to get proper emergency care: Research – World News Network

Women who have survived a stroke believe they are less likely to obtain proper emergency care, according to a study headed by Michigan Medicine and Brown University.

Do you know improving deep sleep can prevent dementia? Study finds – World News Network

According to one study, a 1 per cent reduction in deep sleep per year for people over the age of 60 results in a 27 per cent increased risk of dementia. The study also implies that improving or sustaining deep sleep, commonly known as slow-wave sleep, in later life may aid in the prevention of dementia.

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