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Bloom Cafe and Cakery, where Acai from Brazil meets India – World News Network

New Delhi [India], September 30: Love at first sight and real love at first bite: Bloom brings authentic and delicious Acai bowls from Brazil to India. Bloom Cafe & Cakery recently hosted an event to introduce the Indian diaspora to the famous Acai bowls, made using Acai berries grown only in the Amazon Rainforests, popular all over Brazil and now the world. The nutritional powerhouse, the Açai Bowl, is finally being brought to India for the very first time by the Brazilian Embassy and has been inaugurated by The ambassador of the Brazilian consulate at Bloom. The eatery is marrying innovation with health and whipping up amazing and wholesome bowls.
Bloom’s mindful eating manifesto resonates with the notion of eating like there’s no tomorrow, and its colourful Acai bowls are a testimony to that. Whether it’s a morning booster or a wholesome lunch meal, the eatery’s high-protein, healthy bowls serve as a perfect breakfast or lunch option. The Cafe & Cakery is Delhi’s first eatery to bring Açai bowls to the Indian market; people can now easily add a blend of homemade granola, fresh fruits, homemade almond butter, and coconut juice to their daily diets. Known for their vibrant colour, creamy texture, and versatility, Acai bowls are touted as an antioxidant-rich superfood. The use of unadulterated fresh ingredients makes Bloom an ultimate destination for guilt-free eating; its Acai bowls are high in nutrition and will fuel up your body for the entire day.
The inaugural event, hosted on September 20, 2023, at Bloom, Vasant Vihar, promised to bring the delicious flavour and vibrant character of the Brazilian Acai bowl to India. The incredible event was a delightful fusion of Brazilian culture and culinary expertise. Graced by Brazilian diplomats, including, the ambassador of the Brazilian consulate, along with ministers and delegates from the embassy, the occasion centered around the introduction of lip-smacking Acai bowls. The embassy officials wholeheartedly participated in the event; they resolutely proclaimed that the introduction of Açai Bowls would familiarize Indian locals with Brazilian flavours and foster a deeper connection between the two countries through the universal language of food. Brimming with fascinating stories about the role of Acai in Brazilian daily life, the event was all about candid conversations with Brazilian diplomats.

The presence of some high-profile individuals from Brazil, including the Head of the Trade Department, the Head of Administration, the Head of the Consular Section, the Head of the Science and Technology Department, and the Civil Attaché, facilitated insightful conversations and deep appreciation for the star ingredient of the day. Indian professionals like the Deputy Director of FIFI, the FSSAI’s Assistant Director of Trade, the Director of IFCA, and others also embraced this captivating presentation on cultural significance to foster networking and diplomatic exchange.
The occasion was a testament to the power of food to bring people together and build bridges between nations. As the event commenced at 3 PM, the eatery welcomed the guests with a traditional tikka on the forehead and the heartiest greeting card, elaborating on Bloom’s vision and the relationship it aims to foster. People gathered to enjoy the delicious Acai bowls prepared by Chef Parth; the authenticity and the vibrant taste of the berries shined through. Throughout the event, everyone shared a wealth of knowledge and a network of like-minded individuals. Acai bowls have been blowing up Instagram feeds for quite a while now with their picture-perfect rows of granola, cashews, and raspberries, but not to blame folks for this; these Acai bowls are immensely appealing, and the prevailing social media activities during the occasion extended the event’s impact far beyond the venue.
As the affair proceeded, Parth Gupta, the founder and chef at Bloom Cafe, started the afternoon with a toast to Bloom’s speciality and extended his heartfelt gratitude towards His Excellency. There was laughter and anticipation in the room as new relationships and future collaborations were forged. The heart of the event was, of course, Acai bowls. Touching on Acai’s role as a symbol of health and vitality, the Brazilian Embassy officially cut the ribbon to inaugurate “authentic original Acai ” straight from Brazil at Bloom. When the event came to a close, Chef Parth thanked along with the other key people who helped in bringing Açai to India; the guests received a bouquet and thank-you gifts as a token of appreciation.
Bloom, the home of Acai, serves a variety of wholesome meals, including superfood bowls, light meals, health tonics, organic juices, and salads, but the best remains Acai Bowls. This delicious amalgamation of fruits, exotic ingredients, healthy seeds, and nuts by the eatery is soon to be a crowd-favourite. The cafe believes that good nutrition should be more like sunshine, available to all. Embrace the fact that both Indians and Brazilians stress over good food; Bloom is a perfect escape to a beach breakfast in Brazil.
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